Post Baby Adventures

Outdoor adventure is truly magical at any age, but it’s even better when you’re young and get carried from place to place! Everyone says your life will never be the same after having a baby, and one year on I can confirm that whilst this is certainly true, it’s all for the most incredible reasons.

I was prepared for the fact my passport might gather a little dust from exotic adventures and my mountain bike may get a little bit rusty for a while, but I was more than ready for the challenges which lay ahead and was super excited about sharing my love for outdoor adventure with my new beautiful baby girl, Poppy Skylark as soon as possible. (I was also keen to get my boots back on and shift a few pounds!).

The off-road buggy (we went for a second hand Bugaboo Cameleon) has been a huge asset and was up on Leith Hill, in the North Downs on the 7th day after Poppy’s birth! Whilst the little lady snoozed her way through our hour-long walk, I got some much needed fresh air and exercise. From around 12 weeks I was taking regular treks with Poppy in a sling (Kari-me sling), talking to her about the wildlife and enjoying every second of our cosy companionship.

Once she was able to sit up at 6 months she could go in a back baby carrier (Littlelife freedom carrier). She gets so excited the minute she sees it come out the cupboard and we are now able to go on 2 hour treks, picnic on-board and can all enjoy some fresh air. And then, the time came I had been waiting for, Poppy was 11 months old and was big enough to get on my bike (Hamax Kiss rear mounted bike seat). We’ve only had a few off-road rides so far, but she has spent every ride laughing and chatting so is clearly enjoying the freedom and exhilaration that cycling brings, even at this early age! Whilst I might not get back to the Himalayas for a while, I’m loving the new adventures Poppy is bringing and try to get out at least once a week. For Poppy, every outing is a new adventure filled with positive experiences as she watches the world go by, and for me, I get to keep fit and share my love for outdoor adventure and wildlife.

5 reasons to get your baby outdoors:

  1. Keeps you fit and strong
  2. Clears and invigorates your mind
  3. Excellent escape from the daily routine
  4. Encourages your baby to have a passion for outdoor adventure and respect for the environment
  5. It’s cheap!


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