To ensure the well-being of all our clients, participants and our own staff – we are committed to following the guidelines of the UK, WHO, local authorities and any local partners for each destination. We will establish and adhere to a detailed set of health and safety protocols for each tour, including any governmental regulations for the country or area in question. In principle, the following points will be included:

Participants MUST NOT join the tour if:
They are feeling unwell or have a temperature or other COVID-19 symptoms.
They have been in contact with a contagious person within 14-days of the tour.

Participants will be EXPECTED to:
Observe COVID-19 etiquette regarding greeting and social distancing.
Bring a personal supply of face masks to be worn each day as required.
Bring a personal supply of hand sanitiser for daily use. Ultimate Challenge staff will also bring extra supplies of disposable facemasks and hand sanitiser, as well as non-contact thermometers.

In addition:
Tour Leaders and Doctors will be tested for COVID-19 shortly before the start of each tour. This is highly recommended for all participants and may be a legal requirement for entry to some countries.
If a participant is unwell or showing symptoms on the tour, they must advise the Tour Leader, doctor and ground representative and will be directed to receive medical attention. They will not be permitted to re-join the group until deemed safe to do so by medical staff.

Ultimate Challenges will have the following safeguards in place:
Group sizes will be restricted where needed.
Hotels and restaurants will be requested to provide us with their COVID-19 compliance policies in advance, these should include the following, hygiene regulations and social distancing rules.
Where possible we will arrange visits to minimise contact with other tourists e.g. private / out of hours visits. We will ensure that our guides are briefed on expected safety precautions.
Our vehicles will have all surfaces sanitised regularly, and drivers will always wear appropriate protection.

We ask that all participants kindly comply with any reasonable requests from our team on the ground in the interests of everyone’s comfort and safety. It is the ground team’s responsibility to assess local conditions and, if necessary, to alter the itinerary.