RNIB Conquer Iceland Trek

Richard Kirtley, Dr Shabana and I have just returned from what was an incredible pioneering charity trek leading a group of 35 participants through the spectacular and geologically diverse landscape of Iceland.

This was a 3 day trek where we had the pleasure of witnessing a strong team of blind, partially sighted and fully sighted supporters of the RNIB, push themselves out of their comfort zone and far beyond what they imagined to be possible. It was a trip of first experiences for both participants and staff and to bear witness to this was both humbling and heartwarming. 

Our local Icelandic guides welcomed us with open arms and led the group across mossy, volcanic, mountainous landscape whilst experiencing dramatic weather including wind, rain, sunshine and even a spot of hail....which landed beautifully in one participant's sandwich!

RNIB have raised a staggering £65,000 for the charity leading up to the event and following their experience on the trek, I have no doubt that their tales of barefoot river crossings, waterfalls, geysers and bunk beds will have the donations flooding in.

It was an absolute pleasure for us representing UTC on this trip and I would urge anyone wishing to partake in this event next year to do so. It certainly was a learning curve for all those involved but one I would repeat in a heartbeat.

"Better weight than wisdom a traveller cannot carry"

_ Hávamál, the saying of the Vikings_

If you fancy joining the RNIB's Iceland Trek in September 2017 please find further details here 

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