Responsible Tourism

As a company run by people with a passion for travel, we know mass tourism can have a negative impact, but our experience shows that intelligent tourism – sensitively conducted – can actually support fragile eco-systems and provide opportunities to local people.

Our impact

Whilst we try to minimise our travel emissions by considering land journeys over short haul flights wherever practical, some emissions are inevitable.

To neutralise greenhouse gas emissions it has become popular to buy carbon offsets – investments in projects that absorb or avoid emissions. These projects can be difficult to get right, and many never achieve the desired climatic benefits or can cause problems for local communities.

So, we were really pleased to continue working with Social Change and Development, a community based charity in India who have established an innovative scheme to absorb greenhouse gases through their small-scale community led tree planting scheme.  Whilst tree planting isn’t the sole solution to climate change, we are supporting this charity where all the funds go directly to the project, and which we feel offers maximum benefits for the climate and the community. 

Anyone interested in off-setting their flight emission can contact SCAD directly. 

Respecting local people

We believe local people should receive positive benefits from welcoming us a visitor. All our regional partners are part of The Ultimate Travel Company’s ethical code which ensures that their high standards of service are mirrored in their employment ethos so that everyone, from drivers to porters, is treated fairly and with respect. The code also outlines our expectations for health and safety, applied with respect for local cultures and the local environment.

Supporting grass root projects

With the generous help of our challenge participants, over the last two decades we have supported projects that aim to improve education, provide access to health services and to conserve nature. Providing young people with a decent, full education is essential for the future of any society.

We have supported a drinking well and toilets in a school in Tanzania, refitted a school in Peru with new work tables and chairs, chalkboards, and provided essential classroom equipment and clothing in many other schools and orphanages around the world.

Our continued and growing commitment to responsible tourism is something we are very proud of. For more information on all the global charity projects we support click here