Fundraising for Challenge Events

We know that signing up for an overseas challenge and committing to raise several thousand pounds can be a daunting prospect. With sponsorship targets that are often between £3000 and £4000, it’s difficult to know where to start.  We have compiled a few helpful hints below which we hope will set you on your way.

  1. Break your sponsorship target up into small manageable amounts. Don’t expect to raise £3000 from one event, or one request. Instead aim to raise a certain amount each month in the lead up to your event.
  2. Set up an online fundraising page. You can do this through Justgiving or Virgin Money Giving. Many charities now have their own fundraising sites incorporated in their website so do check with them before you set up a site.
  3. Don’t be afraid to ask. The worst someone can do is say no. Send your online fundraising page to as many people as you can. Ask your friends to send it on to their friends. Are you organising a party? Ask your local shops and businesses to donate items that you can then raffle or auction. Can you get the company you work for to help?
  4. Give something back in return. We’ve found that people are usually more willing to part with their money if they can get something back in return. Can you do a bake sale, or organise an event with a raffle or auction?
  5. Use your skills. Think about what you’re good at? Can you raise money by using your own skills?  My favourite example of this was a professional photographer who took part in one of our Kili trips. He decided that he would take a photo every degree from the summit – so 360 photos. He then sold as many of these photos off for £100 each before he went on the trip, with people picking the degree that they wanted. He only needed to sell 36 to hit his fundraising target. We might not all have such a saleable skill but most people have something that they could do, whether it’s baking cakes or making greetings cards.
  6. Tell everyone what you’re doing and why you’re doing it – including your local newspaper, radio station etc. Set up a blog or twitter account and keep people updated on your training and fundraising progress.
  7. Recruit people to help you. This will greatly increase your fundraising network. Can your friends and family ask their friends to support you?  If you’re organising an event can you get 5 of your friends to sell 10 tickets to their friends? Do you have friends with skills that could be auctioned off at an event?
  8. Use a variety of methods. Don’t expect to hit your fundraising target simply by sending your online fundraising page to all your contacts. Explore a range of different ways to raise your sponsorship – your chosen charity will be able to help with ideas and fundraising materials.
  9. Don’t forget to say a big THANK YOU. When someone does donate towards your sponsorship please remember to say thank you. Send everyone who helped you reach your sponsorship target a letter or email to let them know all about your adventure.

Unfortunately there are no quick fixes to hitting your sponsorship target – it does take time and dedication. Don’t forget that your chosen charity will be able to provide a huge amount of support to help you raise your sponsorship target. Good Luck!

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