Jordan, Wadi Rum to Petra Trek

Wadi Rum defines the natural beauty and romance of the Arabian Desert. Here, where Lawrence of Arabia once rode, you will finda moonscape of ancient valleys and towering sandstone mountains rising out of the white and pink coloured sands. The valley has been inhabited for generations by Bedouin tribes who live in scattered nomadic settlements throughout the area, and you may be invited by these friendly and hospitable desert people to drink mint tea or cardamom coffee in their black tents or to join them round the fire beneath the desert’s night sky – a truly unforgettable experience.

Your ultimate destination is the astonishing rose red city of Petra. Set in a deep canyon and accessible only by a narrow cleft in the rock, it is almost impossible to overrate Petra – the silent, unchanged, colossal ruins are a visual feast.

Best time of year: January to February and November to December

Grade: Moderate

Number of days: 8

We are not currently running this event but if you are interested in this challenge for your charity, organisation or group please contact us on 020 7386 4680 or email for more details.

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