Alzheimer', Mount Toubkal Trek 2019

20th - 24th June 2019

Trek to the summit of North Africa’s highest peak

In and around the foothills of  Toubkal are numerous villages that have remained largely unaffected  by the changes that have taken place in Morocco’s lowland country and  cities in the past few decades. With  their traditional architecture intact, these villages cling to the side of mountains, seemingly carved into the  rock in layers of terraces that appear  to defy gravity. It is through this glorious  unchanged panorama that we trek on our way to the summit of Toubkal, or as it is locally known Adrar n’dem –Mountain of Mountains.

The first European ascent of Toubkal  was made in 1923, until which time the  High Atlas had been hardly penetrated  by western climbers – they were largelyunmapped and the indigenous Berber  people violently repelled all attempts to open up ‘their’ mountains.  Luckily your reception will be somewhat more  peaceful and welcoming!


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